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Currently, I'm using a Wordpress theme that is built on Foundation. However, the theme doesn't have its own comment.php file and it's currently using the soon to be deprecated comments.php from wordpress\wp-includes\theme-compat folder.

So what I did is to copy/paste the latest comments.php file from the TwentyTwelve theme folder into my current theme folder. However, this results in an error:

Warning: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function 'twentytwelve_comment' not found or invalid function name in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-includes\comment-template.php on line 1334

...since it's not properly wired up. What should I do to get the comments.php to work properly?

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TwentyTwelve uses a function of its own to format comments-- twentytwelve_comment. In the file you copied-- comments.php-- you should see this line:

<?php wp_list_comments( array( 'callback' => 'twentytwelve_comment', 'style' => 'ol' ) ); ?>

That callback is to a function that doesn't exist in your theme, since it is defined in TwentyTwelve's functions.php and not yours. You can...

  • Remove the callback-- this part 'callback' => 'twentytwelve_comment',. It is optional. WordPress will use a default formatting function-- actually a method of the Walker_comment class. Its a bit hard to find. :)
  • Copy TwentyTwelve's callback function to your theme; don't do anything to disguise where you got it
  • Create your own callback
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