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I got a unit test on Mocha, and I'm testing form submission through AJAX.

Since you can't fill the <input type="file"> manually, and I'm looking for automated tests, I need to know whats the best way to "mock" this input, and still be able to send it through AJAX in the multipart format (can be a plain text "file" like, with Hello world!).

I know I can just craft the string manually, but I need to "replace" the <input type="file"> value in the object with my mock (that can still respond to my mocked FormData object)

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I was going to provide an answer to this but since my answer doesn't help much I'm going to place it as a comment. It sounds like you already have a mocked FormData object and you just want to swap the input type="file" with it. You won't be able to do that iirc. Why don't you just submit the formData object? I guess that would mean you'd be testing more than you want (like your ability to mimic your form entirely), but i think that is the only option. Let us know what you find out! –  SgtPooki Jun 4 '13 at 15:53
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