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I'm trying to setup a test app using ClickOnce as the deployment model.

It's all gone quite well so far. I signed the manifests with a test certificate, but now every time I try to run it in release or debug mode, it asks me for the password. Not only is this a pain, if it worked, but it's giving me the error message "Object already exists" and won't go any further.

I'd like to

a: not have to enter a password every time I try to run/debug the app
b: get past this error
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How old is the test certificate? The ones Visual Studio generates by default only last for 12 months. If you remove the pfx file from the project, does it run? I saw this behaviour when I was trying to run a colleague's old project and the test cert had expired.

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the certificate is about 1 min old. I literally JUST created it. –  SnOrfus Sep 26 '09 at 0:44

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