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I am trying to make a form for my website and there is two problems that i am facing the first problem is when i put an input for example :

<textarea cols:40 rows:50></textarea>

If you clicked on that in chrome the border-color will change into orange and in safari it will change into blue so how can i stop the color changing in border?

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Not cols:40 but also cols="40" etc ... –  crypticous Feb 10 '13 at 12:23

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Remove the outline:

textarea {
    outline: none;

Bear in mind, though, that the outline is used to indicate the focused form-field, which may be useful as an accessibility aid to some disabled/limited-vision users; it's always worth making an effort to replace the default visual cue with another, that fits your theme, whether by changing the color of the outline or by using background-color on the element itself.

Also your HTML is malformed, it should be:

<textarea rows="50" cols="40"></textarea>


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You need to remove outline on focus:

textarea:focus {
    outline: none;
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