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Well.. i was creating a blog by myself and i've created a preg_replace for my "POSTS" then if i type:


he prints

<script type="syntaxhighlighter" class="brush: $1; html-script: true"><![CDATA[ foobar ]]></script>

everything runs OK with this preg_replace:


(For prefix)


(For sufix)

But now i want to add a additional option but check if user HAS TYPED... the idea is to be something like that:

[code="php" [1,3]]

return this:

<script type="syntaxhighlighter" class="brush: $1; highlight: [1,3]; html-script: true">...

otherwise if have not the $2 (user has typed only [code="php"]) return this:

<script type="syntaxhighlighter" class="brush: $1; html-script: true">

How can i create this statement in same preg_replace? Thanks in advance and sry for the bad english.


I've achieved my solution with *preg_replace_callback*

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I'm pretty sure you're going to need to use 2 separate calls for this. Don't think you'll manage it with one. – SmokeyPHP Feb 10 '13 at 13:11
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You need to use preg_replace_callback to do what you want:

function format_prefix($matches)
    return '<script type="syntaxhighlighter" class="brush: '
        . $matches[1]
        . (isset($matches[2]) ? '; highlight: ' . $matches[2] : '')
        . '; html-script: true">';

$s = '[code="php"]foobar[!code]'."\n".'[code="php" [1,3]]foobar[!code]';

echo preg_replace_callback('/\[code="(.*?)"(?:\s+(\[\d+,\d+\]))?\]/', 'format_prefix', $s);
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