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I need to create an ontology for scheduling. I use FOAF and Time OWL for storing participants and times, but I also need to store the place, where an appointment take place: the address. Ontologies like GeoNames and WGS84 Geo Positioning don't suite my purposes - I can't store a street there.

I could create that by my own, but if there is an established ontology for addresses, then I would use it. I thought about using a vCard Ontology, but it was designed for different purposes. Do you think, it is a good idea? Do you know some other ontology?

Greetings Salvadora

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I do not think the fact that vcard was meant for a different purpose should be a problem, if the address options in vcard suit your needs.
there are some other vocabularies that cover physical addresses. note however that - internationally - physical addresses are very difficult to standardize (see some information here)

I would propose to look into LODE
and into the future w3c location core vocabulary, you will find the current version (proposal) here.

Furthermore, I think asking on http://answers.semanticweb.com could give you more answers.

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Ok.Thanks for the link to forum of semnaticweb :-) – Salvadora Feb 18 '13 at 23:09

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