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I have a Xuggler class which converts a given media format to mp3. This works with most things I throw at it, however on occasion I come across some flv files which causes the application to crash inside eclipse.

When I attempt to run the class in debug on the file in question, it actually executes and finishes correctly, even with a valid mp3 file output! This is reproducible too, it happens with all test runs I've done in debug mode and I have cross checked to make sure that same file crashes the application in normal execution.

No matter what I've tried I cannot get some flv files to convert under normal running conditions.

Is there anything extra eclipse is doing in debug mode which is causing this odd effect?


More specifically, the crash occurs on the call to IContainer#open

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Seems like this is a non-issue.

I just tried running it after I exported the project to a runnable .jar and it works perfectly. I'll just have to work with debug mode to perform proper testing before shipping.

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