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I'm having trouble getting a simple Java servlet to run under tomcat7 (fresh install from ubuntu repository).

It is a single .java file with @WebServlet("/TestServlet"). I put it into /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/TestServlet/WEB-INF and would like Tomcat to recognize and automatically compile it (also, when I change the source file). How do I set this up in a simple way?

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You have to compile your code using java compiler (or IDE). Then deploy *.class file(s) under servlet container (Tomcat in your case).

The class file must be under your WEB-INF/classes directory. If you class belongs to package like com.myservlet and its name is HellowServlet put it into file /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/TestServlet/WEB-INF/com/myservlet/HelloServlet.class


if you indeed want make tomcat to compile your servlet, write JSP. This is a key feature of JSP: it can be deployed as a source code and is compiled automatically to servlet by container.

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Use Eclipse IDE and click "Add Server" to add TomCat server. It will work directly

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