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I have an html5 video streaming and I need to change it source* after some click action. So what i'm doing works, but only in html, i can see source change but it no changing on my display, can you help me? What is wrong? *The source is appending frome xml file.


<video autoplay loop width="960" height="540" id="video">
    <source src="video/movie_01.mp4" id="tv_main_channel">


btn.on('click', function(){
    var tv_main_channel = $('#tv_main_channel'),
        d_program_source_mp4 = $(program_self).find("program_source_mp4").text();

    tv_main_channel.attr('src', d_program_source_mp4);

also i try it with append but it still not work

var video_block = $('#video');

    '<source src="'+ d_program_source_mp4 +'">'

Thx for help.

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It's simple, just do this:

btn.on("click", function(){
  var src = "new_video_src.mp4";
  $("#video").find("#tv_main_channel").attr("src", src)
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See this fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/qGbzb/2/

To dynamically load videos you need to run

var video_block = $('#video');

Then you should also see a change in the display too, and not only in the html.

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Thanks man, I was stuck there for hours, but calling the .load() solved it! –  Mahdi Oct 30 '13 at 11:11

You can use like this in click event

  var src = "new_video_src.mp4";

This is the actual method for video tag elements

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