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Is "git-svn clone" on linux the same as "git svn clone" on the mac?

On Linux I know I can do the following command to clone a svn repo

git-svn clone -s http://example.com/my_subversion_repo local_dir

but on my MAC I can't find git-svn so will the following command work

git svn clone -s http://example.com/my_subversion_repo local_dir
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The two commands that you supplied as examples are identical. FYI, the dashed forms such as git-svn have been deprecated for some time. Unless you're using a really old version of git you should be using git svn even on linux. –  qqx Feb 10 '13 at 16:47

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Yes. git-svn and git svn are equivalent (just like e.g. git-commit and git commit and others).

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