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I can read from Database, and my other projects (Using ASPMaker read/write records), but thought I'd get my hands dirty instead of cheating, but when trying to update a record I get a 500 error. The directory has read write permissions. Could someone check through my code to see first I've made a mistake.

<!--#include file="Connection.asp"-->

Dim DeleteRS, Query
Set DeleteRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
Query = "Select * From notices Where [notice].[approved] = False AND [notice].[Notice_ID] = " & Request.qureystring("n")

DeleteRS.Open Query, adoCon, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic

Set DeleteRS = Nothing
Set Query = Nothing

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You should enable showing detailed error messages on the webserver so that you get more information than just a 500 error.

Your code has multiple problems:

  • You trust user input: you build your sql code dynamically and use whatever value is provided Request.querystring("n"). See SQL Injection and use parameters
  • Spelling errors:
    • Request.qureystring
    • Select * From notices Where [notice].[a...
      (Unless you do a join you don't have to repeat the tablename in every column)
  • Never change data based on a HTTP GET request. If you want to delete (or update) a row create an HTML form and POST the id that needs to be deleted.
  • You don't need to use a recordset object to delete a row. Now you are talking to the database twice: once to retrieve the row, once to delete it. Just create a delete statement:

    Dim command
    command = Server.CreateObject("adodb.command")
    command.ActiveConnection = adoCon
    command.Execute "DELETE FROM notices WHERE approved = False AND id = ?", array(Request.querystring("n"))
    Set command = Nothing

The question mark is a parameter and the value is provided in the array.

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