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I using the following code and i added the support for big decimal and the compiler show error on the create object for the big decimal new BigDecimal(nextRandom),how can I overcome it?

All the other types are working as expected.

public static SwitchInputType<?> switchInput(final String typeName, final String memberName, final int cnt, boolean random) {
} else if (typeName.equals("decimal") || (typeName.equals("java.math.BigDecimal"))) {
    BigDecimal nextRandom = RandomizeValues.nextRandom("9");
    return new SwitchInputType<BigDecimal>(new BigDecimal(nextRandom));<-HERE IS THE ERROR

} else if (typeName.equals("boolean")) {
    boolean randomBoolean = RandomizeValues.nextRandom();
    return new SwitchInputType<Boolean>(new Boolean(randomBoolean));

The error is :

The constructor BigDecimal(BigDecimal) is undefined

How should I overcome this?

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Please cut your example code down to the minimum required to demonstrate the compiler error. – Oliver Charlesworth Feb 10 '13 at 16:33
and what is the error? – ogzd Feb 10 '13 at 16:34
Why are you creating a BigDecimal object form another BigDecimal object? Seems redundant – juergen d Feb 10 '13 at 16:35

You are creating

new BigDecimal(nextRandom) 

where nextRandom is a BigDecimal. That makes no sense.

Replace the line

return new SwitchInputType<BigDecimal>(new BigDecimal(nextRandom));


return new SwitchInputType<BigDecimal>(nextRandom);

And check if you still get the same error.

Can't say anything else until I see the constructor of SwitchInputType

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