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The following class is the implementation of a custom tag.

public class TextColorTag extends TagSupport {

    private String var;
    //getters & setters

    public int doStartTag() throws JspException {
         String color = "#eee";
         setValue(var, color);
         JspWriter out = pageContext.getOut();

Later in my jsp, when I try to use textColor I find it empty

the color is: <bv:textColor var="textColor" />    <!-- Ok!, display #eee -->

the color is: ${textColor} <!-- Ko!, empty. Why? -->

Of course in the tld I have declared an attribute var.

How to expose the result of the custom tag?

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I found the response in javax.servlet.jsp.jstl.core.ConditionalTagSupport

To expose variables, replace the following:

setValue(var, color);


pageContext.setAttribute(var, color);
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