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I'm back here is SO, i was a time out because i get sad with some persons that dislike me only because i was noob in C/C++ and now i'm very nice on it and my OS is started!.

But the thing is that now i'm emulating Mac System 7.5.5 68k, just for fun and for development too(AppleScript), but i was searching in the internet about this and i didn't find anything much intersthing, then i get here to know where i can find some good resources for this old version of AppleScript.


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Danny Goodman's AppleScript Handbook was always the best AppleScript reference since the OS 7 days. For good or ill, the AppleScript language has changed little in over fifteen years so a late edition will still be useful.

If you must have a reference for the original OS 7 version you have to look for an out-of-print edition, this can be done from Amazon or Abe Books, among others.

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