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I'm experimenting with WPF in F#. Visual Studio 2012 has several online project templates for that:

  • F# & C# Hybrid MVVM. Standard C# WPF executable for views and f# libs for the rest.
  • Pure F# MVVM
  • Pure F# Empty

I started with the first option, but later switched to the pure f# solution. And there is one issue I can't get around with.

I don't see the printfn results in the VS Output window anymore. Though if I put a breakpoint I see that the code gets reached.

Here is a sample:

module MainApp
open System
open System.Windows
open System.Windows.Controls
open FSharpx

type MainWindow = XAML<"MainWindow.xaml">

let loadWindow() =
    let window = MainWindow()

    printfn "%s" "Test"


(new Application()).Run(loadWindow()) |> ignore

That's the App.fs created by the template with a single addition - printfn. Output - nothing.

I wonder what's makes it different. Any ideas?

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You can use System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine to write to the VS Output window. The TRACE constant must be defined, which it is by default in Debug.

The printfn writes to stdout which is the console window in a console application.

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Thanks Phil! That worked. –  Pasho Feb 10 '13 at 18:47

Alternatively, you can set the project as a Console Application, so you'll have a console window as well as the WPF window, and you can use printfn as usual.

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