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When I do a simple query on the Kinvey API Console I get

  "error": "JSONParseError",
  "description": "Unable to parse the JSON in the request",
  "debug": "Unexpected end of input"

Query example: /appdata/:appKey/:collectionName/?query={"_id":"3"}

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I'm an engineer at Kinvey, and should be able to help ya out with this but I might need some more information.

Three things: Your query looks properly formatted, so I don't think that's the problem.

Secondly, Make sure your HTTP Method is set to GET,

and finally, in the URL target field you can let the website autocomplete /appdata/:appkey/:collectionName:/ for your specific app and collection, and all you want to do is append your query ?query={"_id":"3"} to the end of that autogenerated URL.

Then, click Send Request.

If that doesn't work, please post a comment about what the result is and I can follow up!

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You have to click anywhere in the site before clicking on the "Send Request" button, so that it convert the characters to code, in the url

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