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here is my code. What I am trying to achieve is get text like this

Hola   Hi
Pollo   Chicken
Queso   Cheese

and so on, and be able to make an array out of it such that

array[0][1] is Hi. here is my code, the error is on line 13


$message = $_POST['text'];
$words2 = explode("\r\n", $message);
$words = explode("\t", $words2[0]);
$numberoflines = count($words2);
echo $numberoflines;
for($i=0; $i<$numberoflines; $i++){
$words[$i] = $line;
$arrayline = explode("\t", $line);
$cow = array( 
    for($u=0; $u<2; $u++){
<form method = "POST" method ="changetext.php">
<textarea name="text">
<input type="submit" value = "Flip!" name="submit">

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since when can you use a for loop inside of an array() ?!? – Dukeatcoding Feb 10 '13 at 18:44
Since never. And that's why you're getting an error. – duskwuff Feb 10 '13 at 18:44

Maybe thats what you wanted to achieve ?!?

for($i=0; $i<$numberoflines; $i++){
 $arraycols= explode("\t", $words[$i]);
 foreach($arraycols as $col){
    $list[$i][] = $col;

so Array $list is $list[row][col]

if i got right what is inside the $words Array. Your code is a little messi ;)

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Syntax error: unexpected '}' on line 3 – Damien Pirsy Feb 10 '13 at 18:51
No... not really. The array right now has just the lines for example Hola hi I want to break this array up into a multidimensional array such that the first array determines the line, and the second one which word in the line. – user2059393 Feb 10 '13 at 19:23
@Damien sory missed a ; – Dukeatcoding Feb 10 '13 at 19:33
Ok so you want to have a 2 dimensional array listing $array[line][word] i chage my code – Dukeatcoding Feb 10 '13 at 19:36
somehow when being stored as a 2-d array, it stores everything in the first number for some weird reason. – user2059393 Feb 10 '13 at 19:55

Try something like this:

$words = array();
    // Break down the text as lines:
    $lines = explode("\r\n", $_POST['text']);

    // For every line...
    foreach($lines as $line){
        // Seperate the 2 words (seperated by a tab)
        $words[] = explode("\t", $line);

    // Print the result:
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Ok, but then how would I print it? All I get is Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => Flip! ) ) – user2059393 Feb 10 '13 at 19:39
I'm sorry, I assumed the variable name was 'submit', while it was 'text'. Try it again with the edited code above. – jeroenvisser101 Feb 10 '13 at 19:48
great! thanks a ton. and I assume this makes it a 2 d array because the explode makes it an array. – user2059393 Feb 10 '13 at 19:57
Well, it's an array inside an array, so is't not 2d. You can make it 2d though, is that what you want? So if you call $words['myword']; returns somethingspanish? – jeroenvisser101 Feb 10 '13 at 20:03
no, i get it. its like a pseudo 2d array, right? its not actually 2d, but functionally its the same? at least in this scenario. – user2059393 Feb 10 '13 at 20:05

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