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Say I'm writing a Firefox extension/add-on and I've got some user data stored in a file (XML or RDF format) in the user's profile directory. I want to use that data as a datasource for a XUL template. Is there a way to refer to the file in a safe, cross-platform manner?

My only idea so far, based on all the reading I've done, is to start with an "rdf:null" datasource in the XUL and replace the datasources attribute in the code, after using the FileUtils to get the path to the profile directory. Is this the only way?

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I guess, it's more how you look into it. According to XUL, the secure way ofaccessing a list of files using RDF. I have used just a file reader from a folder inside chrome folder & externally too using File utilities. Ref for RDF:www-archive.mozilla.org/rdf/doc/xul-template-reference.html –  linguini Feb 11 '13 at 9:18
possible duplicate of Select A File Within Firefox Add-On Directory –  Paul Sweatte Nov 27 at 1:50
It doesn't seem so, @PaulSweatte. I was asking about how to access a file in the user's profile directory, not one within the add-on package. –  big_m Dec 2 at 21:59
The add-on directory is within the user's profile directory, which enables each profile to have different add-ons. As a result, the file i/o process is the same. –  Paul Sweatte Dec 3 at 1:07
Ah, OK. I'll have to take a closer look then. In any case, IIRC (it's been a while), I didn't have a problem getting the path from JavaScript; my question was about making the reference from XUL, so I still don't think the questions are the same. –  big_m Dec 3 at 5:48

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