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What is the best tool/framework to convert classes into database schema automatically without XML mapping files?

My problem is this, I have around 20 classes with different relationships (association, inner classes, etc) to each others and I want to convert all that into a database tables to save all these data along with its relationships.

I tried to see some tutorials to Hibernate and found out that it requires building a mapping XML which is going to be very painful to my case.

Any framework to automate this?

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It sounds like you could use a database refactoring before you approach an abstraction. – Makoto Feb 10 '13 at 19:09
1) Hibernate does not require mapping files anymore (you can use annotations). 2) You might want to check out JPA, it allows you to write vendor independent ORM code, and only requires a small configuration file to setup. – Perception Feb 10 '13 at 19:21

Alternatively, you can annotate your classes instead of using XML and then generate the schema from your entities. Anyway, I strongly recommend writing the classes in a way that is easy to use with an OR mapper. It would have been best to design your model for the use of Hibernate beforehand.

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