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I made a comet chat server with Erlang and Mochiweb. And I run the "./start-dev.sh" to start the server. But after about 1 month I got the following error:

=ERROR REPORT==== 26-Sep-2009::09:21:06 ===
mysql: fetch "SELECT appKey FROM applications WHERE appID = 1" (id p1)

=CRASH REPORT==== 26-Sep-2009::09:21:10 ===
    initial call: mochiweb_socket_server:acceptor_loop/1
    pid: <0.4271.23>
    registered_name: []
    exception error: no match of right hand side value 
      in function  moonwalker_web:loop/2
      in call from mochiweb_http:headers/5
    ancestors: [moonwalker_web,moonwalker_sup,<0.52.0>]
    messages: []
    links: [<0.54.0>,#Port<0.792854>]
    dictionary: [{mochiweb_request_body,
    trap_exit: false
    status: running
    heap_size: 2584
    stack_size: 24
    reductions: 1368

=ERROR REPORT==== 26-Sep-2009::09:21:10 ===

And if turn the following numbers into characters


they are

Failed sending data on socket :"closed"

Does that mean I have problems with MySQL connection or socket? I don't know if this error has something to do with my "./start-dev.sh" or I just had some wrong settings?

And what else information do I have to provide for diagnosing?

Thanks and looking forward to your reply?

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Can you disclose your moonwalker_web:loop/2 function? From the error it seems you are matching {error, Error} with the received error, while Error variable is already bound to another error. – Zed Sep 26 '09 at 6:58
@Zed, sorry that I can not paste the code due to some license (These codes are not mine). But I use MySQL library and this error occurred after I restart MySQL service. Or what else information do you need? – Mickey Shine Sep 26 '09 at 7:28
Not much. If you are using a TCP connection towards MySQL I would guess it has been closed either by MySQL, or due to a network failure... – Zed Sep 26 '09 at 7:51
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It looks like somewhere in the loop/2 function you don't handle an {error,Error} return from a function call. This causes the error which crashes the process. Without the code it is difficult to say what caused the error return.

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