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I am writing this FileDecriptor class (inherited from t.i.abstract.FileDescriptor) to listen to events from some file in /sys.

Unfortuantely it can only be used with Epoll's edge-triggered mode. So I am currently using some hackish solution to modify my file descriptor in the epoll list after adding it:

self._reactor._poller._control(_epoll.CTL_MOD, self.fileno(), _epoll.IN|_epoll.ET)

Is there a nicer way to do this? Will this introduce any problems (e.g. is it possible that Twisted will remove the ET flag again at some point)?

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It's quite possible that Twisted will remove this flag again. As you can see by the profusion of _s in your example, you're using tons of private APIs here, and they may all change without warning.

However, there's no public interface to do what you want. In my opinion, it is a kernel bug if an interface requires the use of a specific sycall interface to query its read/write readiness (like epoll) rather than following some general rule that works with epoll, select, poll, etc. My first inclination would be to file the bug against the linux kernel. However, if the kernel folks won't fix it, and you would like to contribute a patch with unit tests to expose a public interface for such linux+epoll-specific things to Twisted, please feel free to open a ticket.

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One interesting thing to note is that the epoll file descriptor is itself supported by the epoll mechanism.

If you really need to monitor another descriptor in a specific way that the epoll reactor does not support, you can create your own epoll file descriptor, configure it however you want, and then ask the epoll (or select, or poll, or even gtk) reactor to monitor your epoll file descriptor for you. When the reactor says your epoll file descriptor is readable, then you can do a zero-timeout epoll_wait on it to learn what it wants to tell you.

This is already fully supported by Twisted, all you need to do is implemented the IReadDescriptor interface as a wrapper around your epoll file descriptor.

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Interesting. You mean using the fileno() function of an epoll-object in my ReadDescriptor? I will try that. Thank you. – Chris Mar 2 '13 at 14:47

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