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I have a semi-large CSV file with 2,000 rows and about 25 columns. I need to know how to convert the cells to a variable. If even possible. IE convert cell A3 to a php variable then which I can echo out when a user clicks a button. Sort of a Generator I'm making.

I could not find anything of real use on the internet.

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PHP has a function for this: fgetcsv. You use it to return the next line in the file resource (and then advance the pointer). It will return an array where each element is a field in the CSV.

You would use it like this:

$csv = array();

if (FALSE !== $handle = fopen("example.csv", "r"))

  while (FALSE !== $row = fgetcsv($handle))
    $csv[] = $row;


You can then do something like the following, assuming that the first row in the CSV contains the column headers, to convert the numeric array into an associative array:

$new_csv = array();

foreach ($csv as $row)

  $new_row = array();

  for ($i = 0, $n = count($csv[0]); $i < $n; ++$i)
    $new_row[$csv[0][$i]] = $row[$i]; 

  $new_csv[] = $new_row;


Then, if you want to access the "name" column of the first row (where the "zeroth" row is the column headers), you'd call $new_csv[1]['name']. Alternatively, if there is no header row, and you know that the "name" column is the first column, you'd call $csv[0][0].

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Have a look at the fgetcsv and str_getcsv methods (see links for examples).

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