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I'm developing a website, and it's root content is on the /home/ folder.

As I'm going to use a htaccess redirect, to "drive" visitors from the root folder to the /home folder, my question is:

Does the HTTP referer header, will be lost in the redirect? I mean, if a visitor comes from www.onesite.com and a link redirects to www.mysite.com, then i redirect to www.mysite.com/home. Google analytics code, will catch up the referer as www.onesite.com, or www.mysite.com?


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This question has been asked before:

Will a 302 redirect maintain the referer string?

Does 301 redirect always preserve referrer?

Short answer. Maybe

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I hope this doesn't get marked as 'not constructive', but I think it will be your original website (www.mysite.com), however you can analyze the referrals on the www.mysite.com page instead of /home.

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But that would require the page to be loaded, the .JS to be run, data to be sent to google, and then redirect... it's a "boring" time for visitors... =/ –  Ivan Seidel Feb 10 '13 at 21:12

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