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Using libgdx, how can I intercept the android BACK key in order to do some preprocessing (e.g. asking for confirmation from user), before actually performing the command to exit the game?

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In case you want to handle it in Screens,… – kingAm Jan 16 at 20:27
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1. Enable catching of Back Key.

In the class that implements ApplicationListener

   public void create() {

2. Handle catching of Back Key.

In a class that implements the InputProcessor

   public boolean keyDown(int keycode) {
        if(keycode == Keys.BACK){
           // Optional back button handling (e.g. ask for confirmation)
           if (shouldReallyQuit)
        return false;
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In case you want to handle it in Screens without input processor,… – kingAm Jan 16 at 20:28

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