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I need to be able to change the title of batch A at the same time of execution of other parts of script.

i want to be able to have it say Hello! world. and echo 1&2 simutaneously and while the screen is switching between 1 and 2 i need the title to change from 2 to 3.

Please help!!!

and please dont give me something like this.

echo Hello! world.

ping localhost 3 >nul

title 2

echo Hello! world. 1

ping localhost 3 >nul

title 3

echo Hello! world. 2

ping localhost 3 >nul

title 2


Thanks in advance to anyone with an answer that works!

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What is not working with the code you posted? The title changes just fine, as expected. – dbenham Feb 10 '13 at 23:15
yes it does but i want it to do the title change while it is also allowing me to type in the batch file. – cmd Feb 12 '13 at 1:34
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You can't do that in pure Batch. Batch is a procedural language.

You could try writing a program in another language that can talk to the Windows API:

You might be able to spawn a separate process that could get the Handle for your Console window and then change the title remotely.

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