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I remember in previous versions of Ubuntu there used to be a feature to capture currently running programs, and automatically set them as start-up programs. In 12.04 I can't find this feature anymore. Is it still available? There is a way to manually add start-up programs, but I would like to use the automatic feature that used to be available in other versions.

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If you're using verion 11.04 or previous you can do that by going to System menu -> Preferences -> Startup Applications -> Options Tab, and here you can check the "Remember currently running applications".

BUT if you're using a newer version (11.10 or newer) that option does not exist anymore, and no plans to implement in the near future due to numerous side effects.

So because you're using 12.04 I think that's not possible. I'm not sure about KDE.

Also if you still want to manually add application to startup just check here - Ubuntu 12.10

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Thanks, I ended up adding the programs the manual way. – TGH Feb 14 '13 at 4:24

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