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There is a lot of discussion around Rails 3 STI and how to use forms, but no definitive answers on StackOverflow. I seem to have run into a similar issue and have attempted the other solutions with no results.

I have two models with the following inheritance set up:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
attr_accessible :email, :first_name, :last_name, #more follows

class Waiter < User

On the form at /waiters/users/[:id]/edit, I am attempting to create a form for editing the waiter. However, I am getting the following error upon loading the edit view:

undefined method `waiter_path' for #<#<Class:0x007fbd08cef9d8>:0x007fbd09532fa0>

This is my controller found at /app/controllers/admin/waiters/users_controller.rb:

  def edit
    @user = Waiter.find(params[:id])

  def update
    @user = Waiter.find_by_id(params[:id])
    if @user.update_attributes(params[:user])
      flash[:notice] = "Successfully assigned Waiter."
      redirect_to admin_waiters_users_url()
      render :action => 'edit'

And this is the form located in the edit view:

  <%= simple_form_for @user do |f| %>

  <%= f.input :first_name %>
  <%= f.input :last_name %>
  <%= f.input :email %>

      <%= button_tag(type: 'submit', class: "btn btn-primary") do %>
      <i class="icon-ok icon-white"></i> Save
      <% end %>
  <% end %>

What am I doing wrong here with STI and routing?

UPDATE: here is my rake routes:

admin_waiters_users GET    /admin/waiters/users(.:format)                                                            admin/waiters/users#index
                                                                POST   /admin/waiters/users(.:format)                                                            admin/waiters/users#create
                                        new_admin_waiters_user GET    /admin/waiters/users/new(.:format)                                                        admin/waiters/users#new
                                       edit_admin_waiters_user GET    /admin/waiters/users/:id/edit(.:format)                                                   admin/waiters/users#edit
                                            admin_waiters_user GET    /admin/waiters/users/:id(.:format)                                                        admin/waiters/users#show
                                                                PUT    /admin/waiters/users/:id(.:format)                                                        admin/waiters/users#update
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You should use your routes to see what routes you have defined:

You can run your routes with:

rake routes

I can not see your routes but perhaps waiter_path does not exist.

Perhaps is user_waiter_path(@user) or other router.

Please paste your routes for that the people on stackoverflow can help to you.

I can not see the route waiter_path on your routes, If you have waiter_path inside of your edit view you have remove it.

Also, you can specify what controller and action hit,

<%= simple_form_for @user, :url => { :controller => "admin/waiters/users", :action => "update"} do |f| %>
 <%= f.input :first_name %>
 <%= f.input :last_name %>
 <%= f.input :email %>
 <%= f.button :submit, "save", class: "btn btn-primary"%>
<% end %>

You can check with f.button instead button_tag


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Thanks. Totally forgot to include it. –  mztwo Feb 10 '13 at 23:42
I have edited my response. Give a shot! –  hyperrjas Feb 10 '13 at 23:53
That made the form work. But the submit button is not updating the waiter user. Any idea why? –  mztwo Feb 11 '13 at 1:05
That should be other question. You must add other question with this topic. I think that you have the problem on update action. You must review sent params from form and see on your update action what is happening and why the user is not updated. Regards! –  hyperrjas Feb 11 '13 at 9:14

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