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I am using lib.web.mvc jqGrid helper.

I am trying to implement a master - detail view. I have invoices and invoice items so when I click on an invoice I want to display the corresponding invoice items.

This works when the page is first rendered but I cannot get the invoiceItems to refresh when I select an invoice.



JS is

    $(document).ready(function() {

JS for selecting a row is

    function SelectedRowHandler(rowId) {

        var rowData = this.p.data[this.p._index[rowId]];
            type: "POST",
            url: '/Invoice/index',
            data: { invoiceId: rowData.Id }


Index action is

    public ActionResult Index(int invoiceId)

        ViewBag.InvoiceId = invoiceId;

        return View();

to render invoice items

     public ActionResult InvoiceItems(JqGridRequest request, CustomSearchViewModel viewModel, int invoiceId)
         string filterExpression = Helper.Helper.GetFilterExpression(request, viewModel);

         //Required workaround for grouping (it passes column name instead of index)
         string sortingName = request.SortingName.Replace("Id", "InvoiceItemId");

         int totalRecordsCount = _invoiceItemRepository.Count(p => p.InvoiceId == invoiceId);

         var response = new JqGridResponse()
             TotalPagesCount = (int)Math.Ceiling((float)totalRecordsCount / (float)request.RecordsCount),
             PageIndex = request.PageIndex,
             TotalRecordsCount = totalRecordsCount,
             //Footer data
             //UserData = new { QuantityPerUnit = "Avg Unit Price:", UnitPrice = theRepository.Find(filterExpression).Average(p => p.UnitPrice) }

         var invoiceItems = _invoiceItemRepository.FindRange(filterExpression,
                                                                    String.Format("{0} {1}", sortingName,
                                                                         ? request.PagesCount.Value
                                                                         : 1) * request.RecordsCount, invoiceId);  

         foreach (var x in invoiceItems)

             response.Records.Add(new JqGridRecord(Convert.ToString(x.InvoiceItemId), new InvoiceItemViewModel()
                 Id = x.InvoiceItemId,
                 PartNo = x.PartNo,
                 Description = x.Description,
                 Quantity = x.Quantity,
                 Price = x.Price,
                 Total = x.Quantity * x.Price


         return new JqGridJsonResult() { Data = response };

Any help gratefully received.

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Are you still looking for answer to this one or have you found the solution? –  tpeczek Apr 25 '13 at 8:53

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