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We believe that we are running out of video RAM in a Linux based system that we are working on. We are seeing video & graphic drivers segment faulting with allocation related errors.

Are they any tools or techniques that we can use to determine how much video ram is free at any given point in time? Either an external application or something that we build into our application would be great.

Any ideas / suggestions would be appreciated -- Thanks.

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Have you reported the bug to whoever wrote the video drivers you're using? –  derobert Sep 27 '09 at 8:33
Yes, the problem has been reported to the vendor. I need additional "evidence" that video ram memory is actually the problem. –  Steve Hawkins Sep 27 '09 at 16:54

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There isn't a standard way that I know of. Ask whoever makes the drivers you are using.

Depending on your driver, you might have a shot with lspci. Run it verbosely with -v -v

$lspci -v -v | less

look for something that resembles your video card driver, if you're lucky it might list the amount of free memory.

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