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I have Grails project with domain that has multiple fields, among them I have field 'price'. I added searchable plugin to the project and it works fine, via general search:

def searchResults =, params)

Now I need to add price search via range. Example: price between $100 and $200. I tried following but it doesn't work:

def searchResults ={
    lt("price", params.pmax?.trim().toBigDecimal())

How do I implement range search? Does it matter what kind of data type it is: Integer, BigDecimal, Long?

Thank you

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I did a search by range like this:

def searchResults ={
    must(queryString(params.q) {
        ge('price', params.pmax as BigDecimal)
        le('price', params.pmin as BigDecimal)


My previous solution doesn't work perfectly. The right way to do search with numbers with searchable, you need first add this in your domain class:

searchable {
     price index: "not_analyzed", format : "0000000000"

And then to do the search:

def searchResults ="price:[" + (params.pmin ? params.pmin.trim().padLeft(10, "0") : "*"  )+ " TO " + (params.pmax ? params.pmax.trim().padLeft(10, "0") : "*"  )+ "]"

All that is need because when your data is indexed, is also textified.

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