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So I have a situation where I have a Customer entity who has a BillingAddress and a ShippingAddress. That said Customer can have multiple of either in say an address book so they can decide where to ship/bill to.

I also have an entity, SalesOrder which also has a BillingAddress and a ShippingAddress.

My question is, should I have a complex type Address for the BillingAddress and ShippingAddress, and then make a say AddressBookAddress that inherits from the Address and then have collections of that on the Customer?

I had this question here: Entity Framework 5.0 Relationships

That solves the Customer billing and shipping address problem, but it seems like I am going to end up with a couple different types that are the same for the most part.

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Im not sure what the question is, what you are suggesting sounds like a sensible design decision? –  Luke McGregor Feb 11 '13 at 4:51

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I would create a single Address entity to store all addresses.

A Customer entity can have 0..n addresses through an intermediate table Customer_Address.

A SalesOrder entity can have a BillingAddress and a ShippingAddress, each of which is a link to an Address entity.

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