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I am building (well built) an app using Air and AS3 that uses push notifications. The app allows users to share information with other app users (open forum to all users) but I was wondering a few things which I couldn't find information on.

I have found some information but they seem old (Is there a traffic limit on Apple's Push Notification Service?, apple push notification limitation) so thought I would check.

  1. How often am I allowed to query the APNS service? At the moment I queue all notifications in a table and once every 3 minutes I run a batch script to prepare the payload and send. There could be thousands of notifications to be sent every 3 mins.
  2. Are there limits to how many notifications I can send hourly, daily, monthly etc

Users do have the option to turn off notifications in the app (and device) settings but thought I would check if someone knows this information.


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There is no limit for number of push notifications sent but you can not sent several notifications at random (every before 1 minute time interval) as the APNS server will ban your IP. For better understandings,I think you should go over this-


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