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I am using vis.gam() to plot the results from the following model:

gam.5 <- gam(mortality.under.2~s(maternal_age)+ s(birth_year) + 
          te(birth_year,maternal_age) + wealth + sex + 
         residence+ maternal_educ 

The code to make the plot is the following:

         cond=list(wealth="Lowest quintile",sex="Female",

Unfortunately, it produces predict values outside the range of the data for the variables 'maternal_age' and 'birth_year'. Any suggestion on how to constrain the range of the predicted values in the plot for the variables in view?

Thanks a bunch,

Antonio Pedro.

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look at the too.far argument to vis.gam –  mnel Feb 11 '13 at 4:44

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Looking at the code it appears the graphics paradigm is base graphics (specifically the persp function) and that there is trailing dots argument, so why not add:

..., `xlim=range(columbia1(maternal_age), ylim=range(columbia1$birth_year)`
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