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The following code working in primefaces 3.0 does not work in 3.5.

Error : dialog() does not exist on javascript My query is dialog has been removed from dialog.js?? If so what is the alternative then?

function OpenDialog(currentDialog, commandSource) { 
    var myDialogX = jQuery(commandSource).offset().left + 10;   
    var myDialogY = (jQuery(commandSource).offset().top - jQuery(document).scrollTop()) + 30;   
  //jQuery(currentDialog).dialog('option', 'position', [ myDialogX, myDialogY ]); 

    <p:commandLink id="treedialog-copy" 
        title="title" value="Copy tree"
        oncomplete="OpenDialog('#copyTree','#treedialog-copy')" /> 

    <p:outputPanel id="TreePanel">
        <p:dialog id="copyTree" header="Tree Dialog"
            styleClass="dlgAssignTree" modal="false" width="600" height="250" widgetVar="copyTrees">
            <h:form id="copyTreeForm">
                <p:outputPanel id="TreePanel">
                    <p:tree id="component2"
                        value="#{bean.provideTreeRootNode}" var="_node"
                        dynamic="true" cache="false" selectionMode="multiple"
                        <p:ajax event="select" 
                            listener="#{bean.onNodeSelectCopy}" />
                        <p:ajax event="unselect" 
                            listener="#{processBean.onNodeUnSelectCopy}" />
                            <h:outputText value="#{}" />
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Check the generated HTML ids for the <p:dialog> and the <p:commandLink> components by viewing the source of the page, I bet they're not copyTree nor treedialog-copy . It would be wise to use a JavaScript console like Firebug or Chrome console. Also, make sure that your <p:dialog> is outside the <h:form> that contains your <p:commandLink id="treedialog-copy" /> – Luiggi Mendoza Feb 11 '13 at 4:37

I think you can directly crate a dialog box something like this..

 <p:commandButton id="basic" value="Basic" onclick=";" type="button" />  
    <p:dialog id="basicDialog" header="Basic Dialog" widgetVar="dlg1">  
        <h:outputText value="Resistance to PrimeFaces is futile!" />  

If you are using Primefaces then i dont thing we have to create a dialog box manually we can use their component it will increase productivity and bug fixing time

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