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I have a table on which I have to perform filtering. I am using datatables jquery plugin. I have to delete all rows from datatables when user selects a particular option from dropdown and I have to fill the table with new data. I am doing it like this.

$("#results tbody").remove(); //remove the tbody element from table

mySelect.append('<tbody>'); //now append tbody along with rows

mySelect.append('<tr><td > '+issueKey+' </td> <td><a href= ' + link + ' > '+summary+' </td><td> '+ days+' </td></tr>'); //this operation is repeated


After adding this into the table I am calling


But the table is not refreshing and search, sort is not working. Any help on this?

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Solved it. :)

I still don't know why the above one is not working but the following code is working now. Can anyone explain why the above code is not working.

dataTable.fnClearTable(); //clear the table

dataTable.fnAddData( [issueKey, "<a href=" + link + " >" + summary+ "</a>" , days]); // add data. inbuilt function in dataTables

dataTable.fnDraw(); // redraw the table

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solved my issue as well –  Anish Jul 19 '13 at 10:11

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