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I want salary details for xyz and xyzz. I want to add 100 to their salaries. Soft coding is appreciated.

Ename        Sal
_______     _______
XXYYZZ      1000
xyz         100
xyzz        200 
XXXyz       800
XYYZZ       500
XYZXYZ      300
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WITH salaryList
    SELECT  Ename, Sal,
            DENSE_RANK() OVER (ORDER BY Sal ASC) rn
    FROM    tableName
SELECT  Ename, Sal, Sal + 100 AS NewSal
FROM    salaryList
WHERE   rn <= 2
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Try this query,. This is what i understood..

create table #temp (Ename varchar(50),sal money)
insert into #temp (Ename,sal)
values ('XXYYZZ',1000),('xyz',100) ,('xyzz',200),

select top 2 * into #minimum_sal 
from #temp
order by sal asc

select * from #minimum_sal

select Ename,sal+100 as Increased_sal from #minimum_sal

drop table #temp
drop table #minimum_sal
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