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How do I custom build lodash for node.js projects? I don't want any opera, IE, firefox based code in the custom build as i will always be using v8. Is it possible? kindly help.

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There's an existing Node package for lodash:

npm install lodash
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From the docs:

  • Use the exports argument to pass comma separated names of ways to export the LoDash function.
    Valid exports are “amd”, “commonjs”, “global”, “node”, and “none”.

    lodash exports=amd,commonjs,node
    lodash exports="amd, commonjs, node"

More on generating custom builds here.

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There's a specific Node package: lodash-node

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This is deprecated after lodash 3.0; The node modules are now in the lodash package. –  Sean McMillan Mar 27 at 20:17

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