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I need to automatically synchronize zimbra calender with my google calender and vise versa. i am planing to develop a desktop application with google calender api , am I going in wrong direction ? if anyone have experience like this kind of synchronization please help me .

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I did a manual syncrhonisation between zimbra calendar and sugarcrm calendar using webservices of both products. All the code was written in zimbra only (as a zimlet). In reality, it was not a true syncrhonisation button but rather one export button and one import button that the user had to press. I guess one could easily create one syncrhonisation button that does the two operations serially. You could also make the synchronisation automatic by putting the synchronisation code inside a javascript timer that gets called every user-defined (in the zimlet preferences editor) time period. If google calendar has an API that can speak JSON it should be pretty doable all zimbra-side.


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Thanks for your support –  Ullas Prabhakar Feb 22 '13 at 10:26

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