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Is it possible to allow an Array or an object that implements ArrayAccess?

For example:

class Config implements ArrayAccess {

class I_Use_A_Config
    public function __construct(Array $test)

I want to be able to pass in either an Array or ArrayAccess.

Is there a clean way to do this other than manually checking the parameter type?

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No, there is no "clean" way of doing it.

The array type is a primitive type. Objects that implement the ArrayAccess interface are based on classes, also known as a composite type. There is no type-hint that encompasses both.

Since you are using the ArrayAccess as an array you could just cast it. For example:

$config = new Config;
$lol = new I_Use_A_Config( (array) $config);

If that is not an option (you want to use the Config object as it is) then just remove the type-hint and check that it is either an array or an ArrayAccess. I know you wanted to avoid that but it is not a big deal. It is just a few lines and, when all is said and done, inconsequential.

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Not the answer I hoped for but casting to an array is actually a nice idea. Thanks –  Supericy Feb 11 '13 at 6:57
This is a bad practice, a client should not do what the library can do. –  danip Jul 3 at 11:09

Well php supports Type hinting for Array/Object. So Array should work fine. However passing a ArrayAccess Object on method allowed only for Array type may throw errors. ArrayAccess is used mainly for purpose of iterating the ArrayAccess Object in way like array like using in foreach.

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