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I use Thinking Sphinx in my Ruby on Rails application for search. In model I use sphinx scopes.

# Sphinx for Items

  define_index do
    indexes name

    has status_id, year

 sphinx_scope(:by_year)  { |min, max|
   {:with => { :year => (min.to_i)..(max.to_i) }}

  sphinx_scope(:by_status_id) { |id|
    {:with => {:status_id => id}}

When I want search only on years, I use

@items = Items.by_year(year_start, year_finish)

And I have all items with condition.

When I want search only on status, I use

@items = Items.by_status_id(status_id)

BUT When user choose status and year, I want dynamically to add condition.

@items = Items.by_year(year_start, year_finish)
@items = @items.by_status_id(status_id) if status_id

It's doesn't work. My current colution - instance_eval

str = "Items.by_year(year_start, year_finish)"
str << ".by_status_id(status_id)"  if status_id
instance_eval str

It's worked.

How much it is safe and appropriate? I have a lot of fields to search, about twenty.

If you do not use the Sphinx, then how fast data can be selected without him? My search only the numerical data.

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what error do you get when you run the first version? Looking at thinking_sphinx's docu, sphinx scopes should work much like scopes. – jvnill Feb 11 '13 at 6:34
In first version I get data from first condition only. The second condition does not work. And when I call @items = @items.by_status_id(status_id) if status_id I get data @items = Items.by_year(year_start, year_finish) – Stack Stack Feb 11 '13 at 7:08
so you don't get any error? just that the returned value of the by_status_id scope is the same as by_year? can you try one more thing for me, can you remove the if condition and see how it goes? – jvnill Feb 11 '13 at 7:11
I don't have any errors. If I remove 'if status_id' I get same data. I tested in rails console and had same results. 'Items.by_status_id' and 'Items.by_year' are different result, working properly, if you call each of them separately. – Stack Stack Feb 11 '13 at 7:13
If I call '@items = Items.by_status_id(status_id)' and then '@items = @items.by_year(year_start, year_finish)' I get data 'Items.by_status_id(status_id)' only. – Stack Stack Feb 11 '13 at 7:18

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