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In my WP7 application I am using a Panorama control which has four items.On app launching the last item of the Panorama show for a second then immediately slides to first item. I want to avoid this sliding effect. I didn't want to show the last item first for a second and the sliding effect.How can this possible? Please help me.

XAML code :

  <controls:Panorama x:Name="mainPano"  >

                <ImageBrush ImageSource="/Resources/Images/PanoBackground.png"/>

            <controls:PanoramaItem X:Name="Item1" Header="latest pix" Height="520" Tag="latest" Margin="0,-40,0,0"  Orientation="Horizontal" MaxWidth="460">
            </controls:PanoramaItem >

            <controls:PanoramaItem X:Name="Item2" Header="explore pix" Height="520" Tag="explore" Style="{StaticResource MainPanoramaHeaderStyle}" Margin="0,-40,0,0" >
            </controls:PanoramaItem >

            <controls:PanoramaItem X:Name="Item3" Header="bookmarks" Height="520" Tag="bookmarks" Style="{StaticResource MainPanoramaHeaderStyle}" Margin="0,-40,0,0" Orientation="Horizontal" MaxWidth="460">
            </controls:PanoramaItem >

            <controls:PanoramaItem X:Name="Item4" Header="activity" Height="520" Tag="activity" Style="{StaticResource MainPanoramaHeaderStyle}" Margin="0,-40,0,0" Orientation="Horizontal" MaxWidth="460" >
            </controls:PanoramaItem >              

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Can you post your xaml for the offending page. –  Silver Solver Feb 11 '13 at 7:09
Possible duplicate : stackoverflow.com/questions/6810176/… –  XAML Lover Feb 11 '13 at 8:16

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