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Our site used to have a blog at oursite.com/blog

Years later, we're still getting many 404s for pages in the /blog/ folder.

How can I use htaccess to redirect the blog folder and all its contents to the front page of our site, oursite.com ?

I have tried a lot of things based on web research but the closet thing I found redirected things like:


to oursite.com/?p=3226

I don't want it to work that way. All blog files no longer exist, so I just want to redirect ALL files from the blog just to the main front page, i.e. oursite.com so:

oursite.com/blog/?p=3226 or oursite.com/blog/cool-permalink/ or oursite.com/blog/image.jpg or oursite.com/blog/

would ALL simply point to oursite.com

Can you please tell me how to do this? I've spent many hours Googling it unsuccessfully...

Thanks a bunch in advance!


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Create a .htaccess inside the /blog directory.

Add this line to .htaccess

ErrorDocument 404 http://oursite.com

That will take care of any URL that is requested in /blog/

If you want everyone to be redirected if the file doesn't on the whole domain no matter what directory they're in just put the .htaccess in your main directory.

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If you are using Apache as your front-end, mod_rewrite is what you want to use. Something like

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^/blog/.* /cool-permalink/ [R]
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