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I have NSTableView in my application and i have added the hovering effect for the rows by using HoverTableDemo.

I can get the hovering effect only for one row in my table.

It is not apply for the whole table.

How can i get Hovering effect for full table.

Can any body have any idea please revert me.

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Take a look: http://stackoverflow.com/a/464828/1758762

You're on the right track with -mouseEntered: and -mouseExited:.

Look into NSView's -addTrackingRect:owner:userData:assumeInside: and -removeTrackingRect: methods.

I can get the hovering effect only for one row in my table.

You can either set up your tableView to create trackingRects for every row that's in there whenever the contents of the tableView change, or alternatively, set up/update one tracking area on the entire tableView whenever -tile or another layout related method is called.

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