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I'm trying to truncate sales_flat_order table. But i got below error

1701 - Cannot truncate a table referenced in a foreign key constraint (dbmigrate1.sales_recurring_profile_order, CONSTRAINT

FK_7FF85741C66DCD37A4FBE3E3255A5A01 FOREIGN KEY (order_id) REFERENCES dbmigrate1.sales_flat_order (entity_id))


Delete from sales_flat_order

empty order and order related other tables.

But actually i want to truncate the table. can anyone help me?

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You can run this sql query:

 select @order_id:=entity_id from sales_order_entity where increment_id='100000001';
delete from sales_order_entity where entity_id=@order_id or parent_id=@order_id; 

hope this helps.


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Use EM Delete order Module its working perfectly fine till latest release.


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