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I have no experience in doing a driver or such a thing, the case is I am in a project where some data is sent from a device via usb, I want to interpret the data and use it in a vb.net program.

I am planning to program in assembly the function to store data received from device to a text file, then in vb.net program read this data and then do the rest.

Is there a better option to make an interface between vb.net and a device via usb?

I have found in other question the use of HID.dll to interface the usb ports. with a tutorial and sample code

What would be a better option if I can control the data transmission rate of data?

All of this is in a Windows environment

Sample Project File

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The LibUsbDotNet, this is C# but you can add this as your reference or dll in your VB.NET project.

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