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is it possible to use phalcon in cli applications to handle requests with argv parameters? i want to use argv parameters to understand command that should be executed, e.g. ./script.php robot/create --color=red --feature=weapon

and to get this inside my application with controllers, actions, etc in this way:

controller: robot action: create GET params: color=red,feature=weapon

Is it possible using CLI classes like

  1. Phalcon\ClI\Dispatcher http://docs.phalconphp.com/en/latest/api/Phalcon_CLI_Dispatcher.html

  2. Phalcon\CLI\Console http://docs.phalconphp.com/en/latest/api/Phalcon_CLI_Console.html

  3. Phalcon\CLI\Task http://docs.phalconphp.com/en/latest/api/Phalcon_CLI_Task.html

and other similar?

There are no docs and how-to manuals.. Perhaps somebody has experience or just an idea. I understart that we have to define DI and initialize application, but how to make this in more native way i just don't have any ideas.

Also, one more question: can phalcon handle argv parameters automatically?

As i understand, we should start Phalcon\CLI\Console object as application and pass to it DI. But whole process/scenario... i just can't get it :)

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So, i have following folders structure:

~/www/app/controllers - controllers for web
~/www/app/tasks - task for cli
~/www/public/app.php - web application
~/www/cli/app.php - console application

In cli/app.php i have following code:


 * This makes our life easier when dealing with paths. 
 * Everything is relative to the application root now.

 * Init loader
$loader = new \Phalcon\Loader();

 * Setup dependency injection      
$di = new Phalcon\DI();

// Router
$di->setShared('router', function() {
    return new Phalcon\CLI\Router();

// Dispatcher
$di->setShared('dispatcher', function() {
    return new Phalcon\CLI\Dispatcher();

 * Run application
$app = new Phalcon\CLI\Console();

then i put my tasks classes in app/tasks folder.. and it just works. perhaps this will help somebody ;)

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There is also Phalcon\DI\FactoryDefault\CLI that set up the dependencies to run applications in CLI –  twistedxtra Feb 14 '13 at 5:44

I'm a Phalcon enthusiast, but actually tasks seem to me something to create cron jobs. They are something different from commands. I don't think tasks are the right way to create a complete cli application. There are many limitation. I really suggest you to use Symfony Console instead: it's well documented, it manages multi arguments and params, it provides automatically a command line help and you can install it via Composer. If you are creating cron jobs you can go with Phalcon tasks, but if your intention is to create a cli application, take a look at Symfony Console.

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