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Every body,

Am new to ruby, I have rails application,I want to add a blog for that application.Is there any good gem for createing blog.Am using ruby 1.9.3.

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This would be your best starting point: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/getting_started.html

It's pretty much the perfect starting point when you are new to Ruby on Rails. It explains some of the fundamental principles of rails and it will let you build a blog from scratch.

You really don't need a gem to build a blog. Trust me, building a blog is not complex and is perfect for practicing with your very first application. The guide I linked will walk you all trough it and if you still have some questions, I would happily answer them for you.

Anyway, if you still wan't a gem for it, you could check the accepted answer for this question: A clean minimal gem to add a simple blog to existing app?

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