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I am using php and I want to take a snapshot of my web page using php. Something similar to this

How can i do that?

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This isn't a snapshot of a webpage, but a generated image. This means it's not generated from HTML/CSS, but programatically inside a PHP script using e.g. GD. –  Koraktor Sep 26 '09 at 8:51
yes that's what exactly i want....just got a bit confused at the time of asking this question.But this image was created from a webpage actually.How can i create an image that contains all the html tags etc in php??? –  developer Sep 26 '09 at 9:47
Taking "snapshots" of html pages using PHP is not something easily achieved, to say the least. Yes, php has support (using GD library) for creating/handling images, but that's the easiest part. the hard thing is rendering a page - like browsers do - and taking it's snapshot –  J.C. Inacio Sep 26 '09 at 10:15

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The fastest and surest way in PHP to create images is to look at the GD Library. They have tons of functions to help you create your image easily.

Should you need a font that is available in Windows Font but not in PHP font, you can use this tool to convert it:

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To take Snapshots of a website, and not as proposed generate an image with text in it, you can use either for snapshots using IE's rendering engine or for Webkit (Safari/Chrome) snapshots

I strongly recommend the latter.

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Theres is a comprehensive summary of image creation option in Php here. The other option not already mentioned is Cairo.

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You can use Imagemagick.

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