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here is a snippet from my makefile:

main_DEPS = $(TARGETS_$(d)/classes/player) $(TARGETS_$(d)/classes/monster)

It sets main_DEPS to the expanded versions of the other two variables.
This works as it should.

How can I replace:

$(TARGETS_$(d)/classes/player) $(TARGETS_$(d)/classes/monster)

with a program that gives the same output?

I tried:

main_DEPS = $(shell program)

but it appeared to set main_DEPS equal to the string value $(TARGETS_$(d)/classes/player) $(TARGETS_$(d)/classes/monster), not the expanded versions.

I've also tried:

main_DEPS = $(eval $(shell program))  
main_DEPS = $(value $(shell program))  
main_DEPS = $(value $(eval $(shell program)))   
main_DEPS = $(eval $(value $(shell program)))   
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Did you try this:

$(eval main_DEPS = $(shell program))

Here, the argument of eval (inner expression with shell) is expanded to get the statement to evaluate:

main_DEPS = $(TARGETS_$(d)/classes/player) $(TARGETS_$(d)/classes/monster)

If I properly understand, this should be exactly what you want.

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this works. thank you –  Trevor Hickey Feb 11 '13 at 17:29

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