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Is there a preprocessor directive that checks whether a constant is not defined. I am aware of the #ifndef directive but I am also looking for a #elif not defined directive. Does #elif not defined exist?

This is how I would use it:

    #ifndef CUSTOM_CALLBACK_1 \
        #define CUSTOM_CALLBACK_1 \
    #elif not defined CUSTOM_CALLBACK_2 \
        #define CUSTOM_CALLBACK_2  \
    #elif not not defined CUSTOM_CALLBACK_3 \
        #define CUSTOM_CALLBACK_3  \
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why not use ifndef? –  Dariusz Feb 11 '13 at 8:30
#elif not not defined CUSTOM_CALLBACK_3 not not defined? –  JustMaximumPower Feb 11 '13 at 8:30
What are you trying to do? You cannot define macros that contain other preprocessor directives. You cannot make #define or #if or #elif a part of a macro. Your macro has to be redesigned to make sure it has no inner "branching". All macro-branching has to be done "on the outside". It cannot be "embedded" into a macro. –  AnT Feb 11 '13 at 8:33

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How about the

#elif !defined(...)

But you've got bigger problems - the trailing \ exclude the other directives - or rather make them illegal. So, even with the valid syntax, your definitions won't do what you want.

You'll need to move the initial define inside the conditions.

    #define CUSTOM_CALLBACK_1 
    #define REGISTER_CUSTOM_CALLBACK_FUNCTION(callbackFunctName) \
#elif !defined(CUSTOM_CALLBACK_2)
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